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Waltech special fittings

Waltech offers customers an extensive portfolio of customized special fittings. Regardless of the quantity involved, Waltech is able to produce any quantity, from very small batches to regular bulk shipments, at competitive prices thanks to their flexible machinery and the option of minimum purchase quantities.

A wide range of different options are available. From jump sizes and various bore types (throttle bores) to special fitting and thread lengths as well as customized standard fittings. All of these options are available in both steel and stainless steel (1.4571).

Alternative sealing materials are also available on request. The Waltech special steel fittings also feature the proven Waltech Guardian Seal finish. In addition to reliable and reproducable assembly performance, they thus offer exceptionally high corrosion protection, including more than 1,000 hours against red rust.

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Founded on
June 15th, 1998



waltech fittings

To support the most demanding tube fitting needs, Waltech uses exceptional raw materials for critical components that ensure in-application reliability. Waltech also features a broad tube fitting portfolio in stainless steel 1.4571, according to DIN 38591 in combination with systems for stainless steel.

Guardian Seal
Guardian Seal is an exceptional, zinc-based surface treatment applied by electroplating. A better for performance, better for health and better for the environment.

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Fast & reliable

Fast and reliable assembly is crucial for tube fitting systems. However, inevitably, fully-trained staff aren’t always available to perform these important tasks. However, while our WALPRO and WALRing solutions simplify manual assembly, Waltech knows you want a foolproof solution for your applications.

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WALPRO ring system

Walltech WALPRO metallic sealing cutting ring system is one of the leading profile ring systems for metric tubing. Featuring a unique design with a two-edge cutting ring, the WALPRO system has improved dynamic load resistance and ensures leak freeperformance.

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Walring Soft-seal technology

WALRing offers similar advantages to WALPRO, with the addition of soft-seal technology. Pre-integrated into a system nut with an additional block stop assembly function, WALRing offers the easiest assembly behavior and eliminates any risk of errors.