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multi-industry weldless fitting system that is suitable to be used across utility and high-pressure piping systems, PYPLOK requires less maintenance and is easy to install, resulting in high efficiency, a much better option that traditional tube and pipe fitting systems. PYPLOK is a weld-less, thread-less way of joining pipes.

A 360° radial swage mechanically attached fitting which permanently connects pipe and tube for a leak free, cold connection. The fitting can be used in a wide variety of low to high pressure piping applications in industries such as Marine & Offshore, Navy, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Steel, Mining and other Industrial uses.

PYPLOK has been successfully used in the most demanding environments where fire safety is essential and there is a need for quick and easy solution to maintenance repairs. Being a non-welded and threadless fitting, PYPLOK has a lot of advantages to offer from traditional pipe and tube fittings. It is a very versatile fitting which is used in high pressure piping and also utility piping applications.

intall pyplok system

Installation Benefits

  • Requires no hot work butis installed in a cold environment and is easy to install without any requirements for skilled labour.

  • The time required to join the pipe ends together is significantly shorter because of the portable tools used to compress the fitting onto the pipe.

  • Reduced inspection time through an inspection gauge. This eliminates conventional NDT requirements such as X-rays
pyplok valves

A Safe Working Environment

The problem with traditional weld-based fitting was that there were flames involved and there was a risk to working personnel. This is avoided by weldless fittings.

There is no torch, open flames, and no as such hot work involved which makes the environment much more safe and comfortable for the workers during the installation and maintenance process.

cold installation

Advantages of PYPLOK

There is reduced labor and on-time process , it just takes few seconds to get swaged permanently. This results in cost-effective and fast work process.

There is no gas freeing requirement related  along with no additional requirements of neutralization, acid pickling, thus less issues to handle related with environmental chemical waste disposal. The inspection process is also is much quicker and less costly.