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Why choose for PYPLOK Fittings?

Tube-Mac PYPLOK® System assists You and Your Team with Safe and cost Effective Work Practices

Most Cost Effective On-site Pipe Work Fabrication and Repairs
– PYPLOK® fittings are permanently swaged in “seconds” – reduces on-site time and labor
– PYPLOK® fittings are swaged on pipe/tube cold, no hot work permits or fire watch personnel are required.
– PYPLOK® tooling is hydraulically actuated deleting special site services
– PYPLOK® system prevents the need for Gas Freeing.
– PYPLOK® systems do not require acid pickling and neutralizing – eliminating the environmental issues relating to the disposal of such chemical wastes.
– PYPLOK® eliminates the time and cost of NDT (radiography, x-ray) requirements.
– PYPLOK® fittings are verified with a “Go-No-Go” inspection gauge – much quicker and less costly than NDT.

Provides an Improved Safety Environment
– The PYPLOK® system, developed to reduce hot Work, is in itself a safe system since no torches, open flames or sparks are associated with the installation or maintenance.

PYPLOK® System on EVERY Installation Achieves
– Improved productivity; many tasks carried out in only one-shift with minimum disruption to production.
– Installed cost reduction of up to 65 percent.

PYPLOK® System on EVERY Installation Offers
– PYPLOK® is the only fitting in the world that offers “Environmental” outer O-ring seals which prevent external contaminates from entering the outside of your pipe/tube and our fitting.
– High tensile AND High torque hold.
– Crevice Corrosion protection.

Requires Very Little specialized skill and Training
– PYPLOK® system provides a range of fittings and hand-held tooling that requires a minimum of specialized skills to install – easy and user friendly.
– On-site Training is available and takes less than 30-minutes to complete.
– Fully detailed, simple to follow documentation (Installation and Preventive Maintenance Manuals including Inspection Criteria Instructions) are provided with each purchased kit.

How Much Does Tooling Cost – Rent or Buy?
– Clients have recuperated tooling and fitting cost in one system installation.
– Tooling can be purchased – payment terms are negotiable.
– Tube-Mac® also has a Tool Rental Program available – please contact us for details.

PYPLOK has updated their website with 3D-models of all Fittings.
You download all 3-d models here: