In oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical and pharmaceutical industries, fluids in pipelines are usually flammable, explosive or toxic. As fluid leakage or explosion could lead to a catastrophic accident causing major loss of life and property, fluid system safety is of great concern for all end users. In addition to the formulation of strict rules and regulations and training of operators, the selection of right valves is a more critical safety factor to be considered. Specifically, a right valve can operate safely and reliably in the pipeline for a long time under normal conditions, as well as maintain body seal and even be closed to shutoff the fluid under fire conditions.

To meet the requirements of safety and performance, we highly recommend FITOK patented BH series three-piece fire safe ball valves, having following features compared to general three-piece ball valves:

fitok ball valves

The ball valves have been tested and certified in accordance with ISO 15848-1 and API STD 607 to ensure reliable performance. They can maintain body seal during rapid temperature and pressure changes resulting from fire exposure, thus eliminating the possibility of secondary disasters caused by leakage.

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