Why do metal gasket face seal fittings meet the needs of the semiconductor industry?

The semiconductor industry continues to pursue smaller and lower-power consumption chips, so the process nodes are getting smaller, which places higher demands on process cleanliness. Substandard cleanliness may lead to product quality defects, or even spread contamination of the entire product line, resulting in serious consequences of product scrap.

In high purity and ultra high purity (UHP) fluid systems used in the semiconductor industry, the selection of fittings is one of the key points. Weld fittings are often selected but they are not suitable for connections that require regular replacement or maintenance, while the non-metallic materials of O-ring face seal fittings may be incompatible with the media. Are there fittings that is easy to install and disassemble, compatible with the media, and can ensure a reliable seal? The answer is metal gasket face seal fittings.

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