FITOK gas stick assemblies integrate a diaphragm valve/ball valve, a pressure regulator and a pressure gauge into one stick to reduce site connections and achieve precise pressure control and fluid shutoff. FITOK gas stick assemblies, including AGH series and AGL series, are both widely used in the semiconductor industry and so on. FITOK has been adopting strict specifications for materials, cleaning and packaging processes to ensure product cleanliness.


AGH Series High Purity Gas Stick Assemblies

  • For high purity gas systems such as the semiconductor industry
  • Integrate an ultra high purity diaphragm valve, an ultra high purity pressure gauge and an ultra high purity pressure regulator into one stick with the diaphragm valve for shut-off function
  • Alloy diaphragm improves strength and corrosion resistance for long cycle life
  • T series tubular fittings optional for pressure gauge connection (customized lengths available)

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