DE series economic diaphragm valves are typical products for ultra high purity gas fluid systems. Reliability and economy are achieved by reducing the number of components, optimizing machining methods and mass production, while maintaining the same basic performance by using the same materials, cleaning and packaging processes as the other series of FITOK diaphragm valves. FITOK’s advance manufacturing processes and stringent quality control ensure the products meet the application needs of ultra high purity gas fluid systems for the semiconductor industry.


  • Minimum particle generation and dead space
  • Cobalt alloy diaphragm with high strength and corrosion resistance to ensure long cycle life
  • No springs or threads in wetted areas improves cleanliness

In addition to the DE series economic diaphragm valves, other ultra high purity diaphragm valves (DK, DQ, DH, DM, DS, DR, DV, DL and DF series), ALD series atomic layer deposition diaphragm valves and high purity ball valves (BGP and BRP series) for clean dry air (CDA) and bulk gas are available from FITOK to meet the stringent requirements for fluid system components in industries such as semiconductor.

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