In atomic layer deposition (ALD) process, selecting the right precursor is critical for process control and film performance, etc. Meanwhile, based on the precursor properties such as volatility and reactivity, matching the right canister will have a synergistic effect on the process. Through high quality control of the material selection to the molding process, CSR Series Canister Assemblies can accommodate the packaging and storage of most precursors and provide excellent safety and cleanliness for the entire deposition process.


  • Ultra high purity processes for ultra high purity applications
  • Wetted metal parts are 316L stainless steel for broad chemical compatibility
  • External surface mechanical mirror polished and internal surface electropolished to roughness Ra ≤ 10 μin. (0.25 μm)
  • Leak rate (helium): ≤ 1.0×10-9 std cm3/s
  • Connection size: 1/4″ to 1/2″
  • Connection type: metal gasket face seal fittings
  • Customized volumes available upon request

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