FITOK 20D series medium pressure tube fittings are widely used in oil and gas, chemical, power and hydrogen industries for their good performance such as the reliable sealing performance, high working pressure (up to 20,000 psig), high resistance to vibration and corrosion, easy installation and etc.

Construction Introduction and Working Principle

20D series tube fittings consist of four parts: fitting body, front ferrule, rear ferrule and nut (Figure 1). Standard high strength 316 stainless steel fittings can be connected to T20D series cold-drawn 1/8-hard seamless tubingT15A series heavy-wall annealed seamless tubing and T20M series tubing.

fitok tube fittings

The working principle of FITOK tube fittings is as follows: When the ferrule nut is tightened, the rear ferrule is driven to advance the axial motion of the front ferrule in the fitting body, while the fitting body squeezes the front ferrule inward to eliminate the gap between the front ferrule and the tubing. As a result, the front ferrule grips the tubing tightly.

FITOK has been adopting strict design and continuous optimization for 20D series tube fitting construction, strictly controlling the surface roughness and tolerance of the inner cone surface of the fitting body and the outer cone surface of the front ferrule, and employing advanced surface treatment technology to ensure a tight fit and eliminate the gap between the sealing surfaces. When the fitting is installed, the front ferrule fits closely with the fitting body and the tubing under the compression of the rear ferrule to ensure a reliable seal under fluid pressure.

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