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Specialist in valves and fittings

Welcome to HSP Worldwide. We are specialists in valves and fittings and proud to be official distributor of FITOK, PYPLOK and Tube-Mac. We support our customers in projects that we build, test and deliver.

Service & Comissioning

We deploy our network of qualified service and commissioning engineers to projects worldwide

hydrogen energy
hydrogen energy

HSP Green Energy

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and provides our planet with infinite potential in the energy space. This means that our children will be able to enjoy energy security for generations to come. Hydrogen is an ultra-light gas and difficult to store. HSP Worldwide offers a wide range of products and solutions in this field.

ultra high purity


The increasing demands for digitalization and intellectualization have been accelerating the development of the semiconductor industry. In the semiconductor process, valves and fittings are extremely common and critical components and are widely used in the entire semiconductor manufacturing system.

hsp worldwide offshore projects
hsp worldwide offshore projects


All our engineers are highly experienced specialists in the On & Offshore and Hydrogen market. We inspect, service and overhaul hydraulic installations worldwide. 



In our section Tech Talks you will find the latest tech news about high pressure valves and fittings from FITOK and our other brands.

downloads pyplok fitok hsp wordlwide
downloads pyplok fitok hsp wordlwide


Download our product manuals, certifications and documents for FITOK, PYPLOK and TUBE-MAC.  All product information about valves and Fittings.

hsp worldwide fitok workshop

Our workshop

We are proud of our workshop. All our construction projects are taking place in this modern workshop. 


If you have any questions about our products or services we would like to hear from you!

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